5 Portraits of My Vision Vs. Reality In Triathlon Training

1. How I feel while running at the gym: …What the gym staff see.  2. What I feel I look like at the finish line: …What the crowds witness.  3. How I think I look in my wetsuit: …What my friends see.  4. How I feel while cycling: …What pedestrians see.  5. How I feel while swimming: …What my swimming coach sees. 

7 Attributes of the Modern Triathlete

  1. Hates walking for longer than 10 minutes. Loves racing at max speed for 6 hours non-stop.   2. Gets bored easily at social events   Doesn’t get bored swimming 100 laps of the same pool in utter silence and breathlessness, studying tile patterns. 3. Had zero self-discipline as a child. Now has militant devotion to a training schedule. 4. Doesn’t care about fashion at work or social events. Does colour coordinate bathing suit, bike shorts, jersey, and shoes. 5. Preaches clean eating and vegan dieting. And consumes 6 mostly plastic gels filled with 12 times the daily recommended amount…